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The Taste of Nazareth Tour


The Taste of Nazareth Tour is our main tour. Together, we will explore the different food quarters of Nazareth by foot, strolling through the old alleyways to discover both the well-known and the unknown food stations.


We start our day as the locals do, by collecting our breakfast items from the most famous bakeries in Nazareth, as well as from a local family business that specializes in dairy products and pickled foods. After we complete our shopping, we will sit together to enjoy the first meal of our culinary adventure. 


The next two stops on our tour will focus on special bites that share the name “arousa”, which in Arabic means “a bride”. These two bites, however, could not be more different. The first “arousa”, called “chdoud el arous” by locals (in English “bride chicks”), is a coconut meringue whose secret recipe belongs to one of the oldest confectionary shops in Nazareth. The second “arousa” is a combination of fresh pita bread and kebabs which are grilled over a fire called “arousa”, which you will get to try at one of the best arousa booths in the city.


Chickpeas–one of the most important legumes in our local kitchen–will be the star of our next culinary stop. We will enjoy a plate of some of the best hummus and falafel in the city, and, for dessert, roasted chickpeas coated in sugar will be served for us to snack on.






We will then move on to a small spice shop that will introduce us to even more unique ingredients that are used in the Nazarene kitchen, ingredients such as “kishk”, which is made from drained yogurt, and a special fruit molasses, which is used to make a variety of sweets. You will have many opportunities to sample a variety of these unique ingredients.


After a busy morning, we will sit down for lunch and try some of the most iconic Nazarene dishes that are truly the masters at any table. Dishes like kofta, kibbeh, and stuffed grape vine leaves, just to name a few.


Our culinary journey ends with a story that will reveal the origins of a very famous phrase: “open sesame”. These words will open the doors to a local family business that has been making sweet sesame treats for years. As a childhood favourite of ours, we hope that the taste of this delicious treat will bring out the inner child in you, as

we finish our tour by exploring the secrets of this amazing little seed.

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