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Flavours of the Old Market

Nazareth’s Old City is most famous for its traditional market, the heart of the old city where you can enjoy the smells and tastes of local aromas and flavours while meeting the local people and experiencing the unique Middle Eastern market culture.

Nazareth’s Old Market, which was divided according to professions (agricultural produce, metalwork, jewelry and leathers), served as a market center for dozens of rural Arab villages located within its vicinity. Our love of the old city started when we were kids. For us, walking in the alleys of the old market brings back childhood memories, when we used to enjoy the weekly tour with our parents who would buy all we needed in the old market. We can still hear the vendors calling out loud to sell their products and feel the amazing smells, and of course, remember the taste of the Zalabie (a fried pastry soaked in a simple syrup of sugar, rose water ,and lemon) that we used to eat in our uncle’s small shop.

As we walk through the market, we will visit many places and enjoy a variety of samples such as Arabic coffee, Herbal tea, or a very special 3-layer homemade lemonade with hibiscus and pomegranate at the oldest coffee shop in the country that was opened in 1914. We will also taste traditional Palestinian vegan sweets served at Ghada’s Corner, which is located in a unique old Ottoman building built in the 18th century. And we surely will not miss the colorful and aromatic spice shop, the Galilee mill, commonly known as “Albabor”.

The tour is mainly about food, but you will learn so much more as we walk through the unique passages and old buildings inside the market that will connect you to the city and its secrets.


Who is this tour best for?

  • Foodies who love outdoor markets

  • Travellers with a passion for history and culture

  • Families with kids

(Larger groups can be accommodated for this market tour)

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