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We are two sisters who grew up in Nazareth and have come to learn the region very well through our years of experience as qualified tour guides. Our love for food began at home with our mother. She is admired in the family for being a very talented and creative cook, and every dish that she makes is always cooked with “Nifis” which means cooking with your soul. Cooking is a daily activity for us. We both enjoy preparing and learning about food in all its aspects. We are especially passionate about exploring the history and traditions of festive food and its connection to the circles of life and death in our local culture. We decided to establish our food tour to share our passion with you and help visitors discover and experience the true taste of Nazareth.


The city of Nazareth is located in the heart of the Galilee Region and is widely regarded as the culinary capital of the region. Food factories run by local Nazarene have been producing some of the best foods and delicacies for years, such as tahini and halva, as well as many other herbs, spices, and sweets. The bakeries and butchers in this city are known for being some of the best in the region, and are surely not to be missed.


Our tour explores some of these unique shops and kitchens where we learn how the traditional spices and materials are made and used in our local Nazarene kitchens. Best of all, we get to meet the locals that have been preparing their special dishes for years. Throughout the culinary tour, you will get to enjoy several dishes that are iconic to the region. You certainly will not be hungry by the end of our culinary adventure!

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